Ok I think I’ll be opening Commissions Now


I’ve been looking for a job in order to gain some money, I just can’t keep relying on my mother for money anymore, she’s already has her own money issue’s and I’m very tired of people giving me money I really don’t deserve OTL

I will not charge for addition characters or Backrounds, I find it very confusing coming up with a price already as it is D: !

Black/White CG - $3.00

Example 1  Example 2 

Cell Shade Color -$5.00 

Example 1  Example 2  Example 3

A Full CG art w/backround - $8.00

Example 1  Example 2  Example 3

Payment Method: Paypal ONLY! I will not ask to be payed before i do anything, payments will only be made AFTER i had drawn the picture and that its a for sure thing! Paying by mail is simply too risky.

My ask will be open and If you ask anonymously i will simply ignore, i can’t answer privatetly if you’re anonymous!

Awww, cutie art is cute~

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